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Induction heating equipment

by Induction heating equipment is a process equipment which is used to braze,heat treating, harden,melt,forge or soften metals or other conductive materials. For many modern manufacturing processes, Induction heating equipment offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency and control.
The basic principles of induction heating have been understood and applied to manufacturing since the 1920s. During World War II, the technology developed rapidly to meet urgent wartime requirements for a fast, reliable process to harden metal engine parts. More recently, the focus on lean manufacturing techniques and emphasis on improved quality control have led to a rediscovery of induction technology, along with the development of precisely controlled, all solid state induction power supplies.

Induction heating equipment relies on the unique characteristics of induction heating radio frequency (RF) energy - that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum below infrared and microwave energy. Since heat is transferred to the product via electromagnetic waves, the part never comes into direct contact with any flame, the inductor itself does not get hot, and there is no product contamination. When properly set up, the process becomes very repeatable and controllable.

Secret Techniques To Improve Benefits Of Custom Logo Design


What does custom logo design means? Custom logo design simply means that you are supplied with number of design files that you need to print big or small, black and white or full color. Take care of that your logo looks nice on the billboard or on side of a pen. You in no way know wherever your logo will finish up in the future. Following are some Secret techniques by make use of them you can take full of benefits of your custom designed logo:
Make the text clear and understandable:

When you are starting out for your logo, the most important factor that should consider is that the text of name of company is clear and easy to read from a distance.

Make use of simple colors:

Your logo might appear on business cards, screens, letterheads, vehicles, newspaper adverts, shop logo, pull up banners, product packaging, just to name only some.  Logos with gradient colors, lots of fine detail, lots of different colors or photographic contented are much probable to look pretty different in these diverse situations as many of them use entirely different printing technology and it makes it hard to match the colors exactly.

That is the reason why the most authoritative brands in the world typically make use of simple palette of less than 3 main colors and also try to make use of solid colors rather than gradients.

Try to add visual/memorable things:

Try to add some sort of point up icon next to the text part of the logo. One helpful piece of having an icon is that you can use the icon on it’s own situations as well.  For example we can take the Nike tick that can come into view with the Nike text or without Nike text. While initially the Nike tick would have doomed not anything if it didn’t come into view alongside the Nike text, over time that visual memory connection has urbanized. 

The best way to get a custom logo design is to have designed it professionally. We can help you the way you are looking for. What are you waiting for hurry up Call or email us to discuss your logo or branding necessities or ideas. Our friendly and skilled consultants will answer the questions or solve the queries that you may have. To get several ideas of what you will like your company’s logo design to appear like, you can also check out some of our client’s best logos by visit our website.

Moonlighting Jobs as a Computer Consultant for Small Business

Securing moonlighting jobs as a computer consultant for small businesses is difficult because you're typically working when the small businesses are closed.  You need the flexibility to carry out your moonlighting jobs during the evening and on weekends and many small businesses are not going to be comfortable with that arrangement.  These business owners want to interact with their consultants on their time and prefer you to work around their schedule rather than vice versa. 

A straightforward solution for securing small business moonlighting jobs as a computer consultant is to target businesses where there is a natural fit between your time frame and their schedule.  Businesses that are open in the evenings like restaurants, health clubs and call centers are one source of moonlighting jobs.  Others include businesses that run second or third shifts and even those that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The problem with this method is that these clients are not necessarily ideal, full-time customers, unless, of course, you enjoy getting beeped at 2:00 in the morning.  If this type of moonlighting job does not fit with the type of client you want to have fill up 90% of your client roster, then you need to work on your flexibility and make yourself available to small businesses on their terms.

Moonlighting Jobs and Job Flexibility   
You want to build a solid base of 9-5 clients because once your moonlighting job phase is over, it is unlikely you will want to continue sacrificing your nights and weekends.  This creates a bit of a Catch-22 as you are primarily available on evenings and weekends yet the clients you want to attract, want you to be available 9-5.  This is where having job flexibility is absolutely critical. 

You need to be able to use vacation days, personal days, and sick days to work with clients.  Being able to take long lunches, go in late, and leave early are crucial to your ability to secure small business, 9-5 moonlighting jobs.  You can accommodate a networking breakfast if you come in late to work and if you can get off work early then you can get started working with a client before the end of their business day and stay on into the early evening.  To pull this off, your day-job has to have a significant amount of flexibility built in.  If it doesn't, your ability to secure the type of moonlighting jobs you seek will be severely limited. 

The Bottom Line on Moonlighting Jobs

Getting moonlighting jobs as a computer consultant for small businesses requires persistence and flexibility but the sacrifices you make now will pay-off later in terms of an excellent client base that you want to  sustain as you transition to full-time computer consulting.  This means a bit of a juggling act on your part but just until you are able to give yourself the 9-5 hours your clients are enjoying. 

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Multisourcing Creates More Opportunities

As more companies turn to outsourcing to alleviate budget issues and increase productivity, they are generating more business through multisourcing agreements in tandem with other firms. Through multisourcing, smaller firms are being given the opportunity to compete with larger organizations.

Early in 2006, General Motors announced a $15 billion, five-year outsourcing plan and awarded long-term contracts to a host of vendors, including EDS, Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, IBM, Compuware, Covisint and Winpro.

Private equity firms with cash flow are turning their attention to multiple small and midsize technology outsourcing firms to meet their needs. According to analysts, similar long-term contracts and the resulting stable cash flows make the companies attractive takeover targets for equity firms.

Servicing clients like these is the expertise of Quintek Technologies, a rapidly growing outsourcing firm based in Huntington Beach, Calif. Since 1991, the company has provided outsourced back-office services to Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies alike. Last year, Quintek posted a 418 percent increase in revenues.

Quintek is an industry leader in document management and related back-office services, providing a variety of customized solutions for financial, insurance, medical, professional and government institutions of all sizes.

Clients rely on Quintek to quickly, efficiently and accurately convert paper documents into electronic images and to capture and process mission-critical data from imaged documents through customized and state-of-the-art workflow solutions.

Quintek's Business Process Optimization solutions encompass a wide range of services, such as mailroom services, document scanning and imaging, on-shore and off-shore data entry, and image and data distribution.

IT Support: What Expertise Do You Need?

When it comes to small business IT support, expertise is relative and exists at all different levels. In this article, you'll learn more about expertise within your IT support business and what other skills are desirable for you and your employees.

You'll find experts at every level of IT supportIn a big-enterprise IT organization for example, you find everyone from level one help desk technicians up to senior systems engineers, all the way up to the CIO. Of course, you'll find a lot of gradations and a lot of variations in between those levels. Ideally, each will be an expert in their own specialty. 

The same will usually be true among your IT support contractors and staff. More than likely, you have some technicians who can handle real simple things like a hard drive installation or a LAN adapter installation. You probably have some people on staff who can handle installing a simple peer-to-peer network or maybe a basic dedicated server. Then perhaps you have someone on staff who works with server-class firewalls and setting up VPNs and other more intricate, advanced networking technologies.

Don't Forget People Skills
Most of the people that are successful in IT support for small businesses are either really strong on the technical side or really strong on the sales side. Consultants who are phenomenal on the sales side and phenomenal on the technical side are a rare commodity in IT support.

The best technicians and systems engineers, however, also have good people skills that come into play during a big project, for example, when installing a 10- or a 25-node network. In a situation where there are vendor products and solutions from many different vendors, a tremendous amount can go wrong. So, project management, administrative management, and account management skills are all important in IT support.

The Bottom Line about IT support
In this article, you've been introduced to the successful traits in consultants providing IT support.

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Money Making Ideas That Work

It is important when beginning a new business, especially when looking at online businesses, with many opportunities for inexperienced operators, that the information is easy to use, has proven strategies, has a step by step guide, is good value for money and offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Without the right strategies and starting point, many programmes fall short wasting time and money to prospective entrepreneurs.

In my opinion, after reviewing many of the top opportunities available online, the following sites we have published on, represent the best online products available on the internet today.  Guaranteeing success if their expert advice is followed.

The Rich Jerk
This is the #1 resource you can get your hands on for making money on the Internet. The Rich Jerk gets straight to the point, telling you what you really need to know to make a lot of money online. The Rich Jerk has helped thousands of people make money online.

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Affiliate Cash Vault
New fail-safe system virtually runs 100% on autopilot. Just set it and forget it! No gimmicks, no empty promises, just good business. They are looking for individuals interested in starting their own legitimate home business.

Local Businesses and Web Sites

It seems that most successful businesses these days have web sites, even businesses that service only certain geographic areas. On the web, where the market place is global, localized businesses can be at a great disadvantage.

A Local Business Web Site Example

Lets use the example of a car cleaning businesses. The business only cleans cars in a specific city, yet wants to use their web site to create more business. Time and money is invested in marketing the site in the search engines, paying particular attention to marketing the site for the specific geographic region the service provider covers. Nonetheless, many visitors from around the globe are likely to stumble across the site if it is well marketed.

Offer Non-Geographic Specific Products and Services

If a local business does not offer some sort of product or service that is available to the global market, than these web visits are wasted. The solution is simple. Local businesses that expend effort marketing their web site should also consider offering additional products or services that can be purchased by the global market.

Product Options

Options for our example - a car cleaning service - could include T-shirts, hats, cleaning cloths, wax and/or soap. Even just T-shirts could be an additional source of revenue, whereas the seller benefits not just from the direct sale, but the advertising the wearer of the shirt will provide.

Drop Shipping Makes Offering Products Easy

To the busy business owner, offering additional products for the sake of web sales may seem like an extra burden rather than a hidden source of revenue. Yet adding products to your web site can be very easy. By using a drop-shipper, inventory is not required. Services such as Café Press allow products to be made as they are ordered.

Affiliate Systems

Also, if the site owner does not wish to deal with inventory and stocking products, affiliate systems can be used for revenue. Affiliate systems allow site owners to signup for revenue sharing programs with other companies. An affiliate program allows site owners to offer the products or services of other companies while getting a commission on sales generated from the site owner’s site.

In short, if you run a business that operates on a local basis only, and also maintain a web site, it may be well worth your while to expand to the global market by adding products or services that can be sold around the world.

Making Gold from Scrap

Nucor's business is not new and sexy. In fact it is as rust belt as it comes: melt down scrap steel to make new steel. What's amazing about Nucor is not the business they are in but their results.
How does 387% return to shareholders over the past five years sound? That's better than Amazon, Starbucks and eBay. Since the 1980's it has grown into the largest steel company in the U.S. In 2005 it did $12.7 billion in sales, up from $4.6 billion in 2000. Income was $1.3 billion up from $311 million in 2000.

Their secret? This radical insight from their legendary leader F. Kenneth Iverson: employees, even hourly clock-punchers, will make an extraordinary effort if you reward them richly, treat them with respect, and give them real power. Sounds like something we in the service industry might be able to learn from.

From a recent article by BusinessWeek:

"At Nucor the art of motivation is about an unblinking focus on the people on the front line of the business. It's about talking to them, listening to them, taking a risk on their ideas, and accepting the occasional failure."

Lot's of people talk about empowering employees and paying for performance, at Nucor it's not just talk. Base hourly pay at Nucor is around $10 an hour compared to other companies that average $16 to $21. But a bonus tied to the production of defect-free steel made by the worker's shift can triple the average to $30 at Nucor. Bad work is also penalized. If a bad batch is caught before it leaves the plant the shift loses the bonus on that batch. If the defect doesn't get caught till it gets to the customer, they lose three times that amount.

Thinking this plan will only work with certain employees? Nucor has applied it at several acquired sites with tremendous success. They don't force new employees to switch immediately to their new pay system, they just start posting what the employee would have made. It doesn't take long for employees to demand the switch even as production at the facilities goes up.

That's just one side of how Nucor runs its business.  They also listen and take risks on employee suggestions, this is not a command and control kind of place.  This is a place where people are passionately working together, being rewarded for their successes and feeling the responsibilities of failure.  Natural consequences.

Managers are in the same compensation boat.  The shift, plant, or company does well and they get bonuses to compensate for their lower than industry standard salary.  If things don't go well then they feel the pinch.

It all makes sense and this company is certainly has the Midas touch.

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